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[JJBA] More accurate Fugo (or ASB Fugo)


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Hello foks and welcome for my third release. As some of you know I specialize myself into resprite some JJBA existing characters created by talentuous authors for Mugen. Now it will be Fugo turn, his sprites needed more love I guess. 


Why ?


See the base model by Amarimono : 




Not bad at all in fact, except colors for Fugo as for Purple Haze, in ASB =>


823722jjbaasbfugo.png 701627jjbaasbhaze.png

So I rework the char and there you have :


Big and little port included : 




In game model : 




The link : http://dfiles.eu/files/nx4fjo7wc


Enjoy. Only thing left : ASB Fugo's voice patch, however anyone will surely make it soon.


Next I think I will work on Kira maybe...

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After some exchange Amarimono had the kindness to send me a more contrasted colored version of this work and so now you have : 




Better isnt it ? 


Well I share. See previous updated link in the first post. 

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