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Vegeta SSJ4 by "jorgie_rican, Squall" modded by me

Cippus Limbus

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Hey Guys !  It's Christmas Time  , and this is a little present for you ;-)  !

This is my first work and probably it is full of hidden bugs (let's consider it like a Beta Character) ! 

UPDATE 26/12/2013 

-Improved "Shoulder Charge"
-Projectile Sprites Changed
-Fixed Big Bang Projectile Position
-Implemented Combo-kick-punches Chain
-Changed Crounching Strong Punch Sprites 
-Improved "Hop&Punch" move  effects
-Switched:  Light Kick  animation <-------------> Strong Kick Animation







Merry Christmas ! oh oh oh :D 
Cippus Limbus

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Hey :) i've downloaded the original character from this forum ( from DBZ collection) and i've fixed sounds , hit-sparks , explosions  and some basic movements ,animations and  basic attacks (punches - kicks - etc). Also i have implemented the 3 charge hyper (with 3 teleport  etc etc...)  , added a throw  and two counter-moves , and added 3 combo-moves(for example the shoulder attack + 3 kicks) . I've tried to create a character similar (4 buttons system + charge + teleport)  to choujin characters serie  (because i simply love his works :) ) About the eyes question i have used the original sprites without edit any image (i'm not a great sprite editer  xD  ).  

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We meet again, Cippus!


I did not have the time yet (what with the holidays and such) to test him out but if I may give you a small piece of advice :


When posting media (like the demonstration video), make sure to select BBCode (3rd icon from the top left when posting), select media and add the video URL (found in the share tab on Youtube) between the two brackets. That way we do not have to go to Youtube and watch your demonstration video here!


Are there any other characters you will modify in the future?

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ok , thanks for the advice  :D    now the post it should be good  (i hope eheh) My next character-mod probably will be Goku SSJ  4  from the DragonBall AF project   (by Squall  & Co).     (BTW i can not refind the DBZ-collection section in this forum. Has the collection been deleted ?   o.O     ) GokuSSj4   Minute 1:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHrRgL8IBdw

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