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Hyrule Warriors (Dynasty Warrior + Legend of Zelda)


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Showed in Nintendo direct:

As revealed This version on the 3DS will be called Hyrule Warriors Legends: which adds:

Tetra/Toon Zelda

Toon Link

King of Hyrule (forgot his original name sorry)

Skull Kid (Majora's Mask)

....and of course the new girl, Linkle

and man! the fan-arts of Linkle is already pouring on the net already thats just crazy!! O_o

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Ah! so this the Female-Link people been talking about. Her is Linkle (I think I spell her name wrong)

Im surprise she dosn't wield a sword. like her alter brother counter-part.

You spelled her name correctly.

They did that one purpose.

They wanted Linkle to be as different as possible.

So she gets dual crossbows and her own original backstory, showing that she is not just Female Link, but its own thing.

Yeah, they just distinguished her demeanor to be sisterly like, without having any blood relation to Link.

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