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Evil Barney by jermboy27 released 2013/12/08


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Since nobody has done so for this character, I figured I'd make my first NEWS topic. ^^


To avoid any confusion, the release date I've given is in this format : year/month/day. It's the format I always use in real life too so there you go =D












This is basically a red Barney which is a spriteswap of Evil Ken. Not very original by any stretch of the imagination if you ask me. I recommend you download this for either fun or collection purposes. Also I find it hilarious that the filename mentions very honestly that he's a spriteswap, don't see that every day...


P.S. The author was to lazy to include a picture or video. All credit for the above provided picture goes to ScourgeSplitter.


Original release topic : http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/evil-barney-155744.0.html

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