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English Sprite Pack for P415's Miku


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p415's Miku is one of my favorite Mugen characters.
While her grove selection isn't as extensive as a certain other Miku it's still very nice,

and who doesn't love those 3D MikuMiku Dance sprites? (that aren't so hi-res it kills your compy like that a certain other other Miku.)

Anyways, I've made an English translation spritepack for her groove selection screen for ease of 'Murican use.
Her Selections are:


Posted Image

a quick, punches only option with lots of dodges



Posted Image

A Tekken styled option based on the Mishima Clan

Miku Hatsune (her name, silly)
Posted Image
An odd seemingly unfinished set that to my knowledge only allows ducking punches.






just unzip and replace her old .ssf with this new one. Easy-Peasey. 



Enjoy! :bye:

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