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BSB Godzilla by BaganSmashBros rel 11/24/13

Lord Batros

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A,A,A = Jab, Jab, Bite - Godzilla swings out with his right and left fists and then The King of the Monsters uses its powerful jaws to try and bite the opponent.
>A = Tail Spin
VA = Double Hammerfist
^A = Punt
B = Atomic Ray
>B = Grab
Grab + > = Throw forward
Grab + < = Seismic Toss 
Grab + V = Throw down and roast
Grab + ^ = Throw up and blow away
Grab + A = Bite into Back Breacker and Throw Back
VB = Fireball
^B = High Atomic Ray
Air A = Air Tail Spin 
Air >A/VA = Air Punt
Z (3 full energy bars required) = Happy Nuke Day!
Start/V Start = Taunt.
For details, read readme. Not very much, but more than SNES version. Uses Godzilla 2002`s roars. All sprites was made in the same way as Varia31`s Samus. Hope it isn`t too cheap or just bad.
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