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[JJBA] More accurate Risotto


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Hi guys. Since some time I thought about a colour-change for Risotto Nero from JJBA part V Vento Aureo. 


Truly, before we had a black Risotto, this one was made by japanese creator "Metallica", like it : 




However, after some search it seems this char has a pale white skin, silver bells and yellow belt as we can see with his official (and unused in this game) model in Golden Wind ps2 version :




So I corrected all the sprites and pal to obtain which we can call a "more accurate version" of this character and here is the result :






You can download him there : http://dfiles.eu/files/ft784rffx


Minor change : the char now yell "Metallica !", his stand name, when doing his "Aerosmith" super.


P-S : Narcisso Annasui, made from Chiyuri sprites, is actually a wip of mine.


P-P-S : in the "rizotto" cns file, change the xscale from 1 to "0.97", better result.

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