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(Blaziken Edit) Blaziken Fabrication (Blaziken-F)


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10th Palette (Dark Palette):

Posted Image

11th Palette (Clone Palette):

Posted Image

12th Palette (God Palette/G-Orochi Palette):

(can kill Omega Tom Hanks,G-Mizuchi 12p and F1 (if chaos mode is enabled)

Posted Image




http://www.mediafire.com/download/myr2283s37dg8o6/Blaziken-F_(september_26th).zip <---UPDATED Version



Inspired off an edit of Donald I saw named Donald Fabrication, I decided to make this because it seemed like a good idea at the time and there are little to none unique pokemon edits. To people who ask if this guy cheap, HE is only CHEAP in his 10th through 12th palettes, he plays pretty normal in his normal modes, he plays more as a boss character instead of a cheap character. I've recently updated this guy with some awesome new effects, this edit is worth downloading if you like boss characters/cheap characters/anything related to this. If I do update this guy I'll be sure to include a newer download link to the update.

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