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My Old edites: Mystic Ken, Elite Clone Vega, and Vega's Clone Soldier


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Surprisingly enough, I have actually been getting a lot of requests for these three ... so I thought I would go ahead and share them on here.  These characters are not anything over-the-top special, I will say that first and foremost.  Mystic Ken is God ken with different palettes, Ken's normal voice and some sound effect edits/swaps, mainly from dbz characters.  Elite Clone Vega is P.o.t.s's M. Bison with boosted stats, new palettes, and a comepletely overhauled .SND file featuring sounds from DBZ, and he has a mix of God Rugal, Sevil Nhathe, and Gill's voice.  And lastly, Vega's Clone Soldier is an edit of Gargoyle's M. Bison, essentially the same thing as Elite Clone Vega with some after-image tweaks.  I stand by these edits solely because they were the first three I ever made, they don't have near the quality that my Violent Akuma edit did, but they're still pretty fun an neat in their own right.  I don't want to hear anything  about asking permission or anything for these guys seeing as they were mainly edited in 2008.  Enjoy!




Mystic Ken


Over all, this character is essentially a palette-swap, considering Moldred didn't really code an AI for God Ken in the first place, you won't really get much of a battle from him, he's easy to pick up and play as however ...


Download:  http://www.4shared.com/rar/D0z5G00o/MysticKen.html


Posted Image


Elite Clone Vega


Because of the boosted stats, and heightened HP, this character can be a difficult cheapie to bust.  His LVL3 Final Psycho Crusher easily takes around 65% of your health, and that's using P.o.t.s's original AI.  For the players, he now sports a different command set for his moves, mostly quarter-circle motions and a few down, down, down motions ... I may revisit eding this character by starting from scratch and using an AI patch + color-separtion ...


Download:  http://www.4shared.com/rar/pB5yjTmz/EliteCloneVega.html


Posted Image


Vega's Clone Soldier


Not much difficulty unless you trigger the DOS AI, then look out ... His commands are now quarter-circle motions just like Elite Clone Vega ... he also may recieve a complete over-haul down the road ... if it picks my intrest again that is.



Download:  http://www.4shared.com/rar/UgOJaz_w/CloneSoldier.html


Posted Image




Rant/  The two M. Bison edits were kind of an idea I have that during somewhere in the Street Fighter storyline, M. Bison had created a clone army of himself, and an Elite Clone to lead said army, if he were to ever be defeated (sorta' like how Cammy was initally supose to be for) they more or less were created just for a M.U.G.E.N fan-fic I was in the process of doing, but never completed.

Mystic Ken however was supose to be a knock off of "Ultimate Gohan" to a degree.  Essentially in my fan-fiction it would be Ken getting heavy power-up from Akuma, after he was defeated by Chameleon, Ermac and reptile.


For anyone who is wondering what this rant was about, it was for a series called "Tales of the Sabaki Clan", that I lost interest in making after like 5 episodes ... one day, maybe I'll revisit it ... /Rant

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Oh sweet i was looking for a mystic ken a little while a back. Btw if you made these edits you should've posted em in the; "your edits" section.

If someone would like to move this topic to there, that would be awesome.  I'm surprised people actually like these things!  I started re-doing Elite Clone Vega last night, I may re-do Mystic Ken, and use Hero's Violent Ken as a base ... as far as Vega's Clone Soldier, I may use Dragoon316's M. Bison instead of Gargoyle's just because of the AI/move set ...

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