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[PC]Otomedius Free PC Game


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Otomedius is a side scrolling shooter by Konami which featured space ship girl from various Konami games. The main characters are mostly females, designed by Mine Yoshizaki, with a set of equipment resembling space fighter from side scroller games by the same company like Gradius . The name is a pun, being a portmanteau of the terms "otome" (meaning "maiden" in Japanese) and "Gradius". The music was composed by Hiroki Koga.


Otomedius  WAS Release for the Arcade then afterward was release for the Xbox 360


Downlaod the game files



TIP: You must register with 4shared to get access to my shared download folder


Game Guide Helping Tip


Please Note : bin folder for Otomedius must be in a Flash Drive and you need change the Letter to F for your flash drive the game wont play if the flash drive is in different letter


If your game feel too fast then I am sorry  I have not yet dont understand why is cuase of the game being super fast for some window OS and  that why I could never figure how or why the game move super fast.


for window xp user on

how to change the letter for your Flash drive

How To Access Disk Management in WindowsXP

Click on Start and then Control Panel.

Click on the Performance and Maintenance link.

Note: If you're viewing the Classic View of Control Panel, you won't see this link. Just double-click on the Administrative Tools icon

In the Performance and Maintenance window, click on the Administrative Tools link located under the or pick a Control Panel icon heading near the bottom of the window.


With Administrative Tools now open, double-click on Computer Management.

When Computer Management opens, click on Disk Management on the left.

Posted Image


How To Change Drive Letters in Windows XP

Here's How:

  Open Windows XP Disk Management from the Computer Management utility.

  Note: You can also open Disk Management from the Command Prompt in Windows XP but starting it from Computer Management is probably just as easy.

  On the right-hand side of the screen, locate and right-click on the drive that you wish to change the drive letter of and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths....

  In the Change Drive Letter and Paths window, click on the Change... button.

  The Change Drive Letter or Path dialog box will appear. Choose the drive letter you wish to assign to this partition.

  Click OK.

  The Confirm window that appears advises you that "Changing the drive letter of a volume might cause programs to no longer run. Are you sure you want to change this drive letter?".

  Note: If you have software installed to this drive, the software may stop functioning after a drive letter change. Nearly all software defaults to the primary drive though, so this is rarely a concern.

  If you're sure you want to make this change, click Yes.

  Depending on the speed of your PC, the change should be nearly instant.

  The driver letter change in Windows XP is complete!

  You can now close any open windows.

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How To Change Drive Letters in Windows 7


You must be logged on as an administrator to perform these steps.

Windows typically assigns a letter of the alphabet to most drives. If you want to organize your drives in a certain way, you can change the drive letter.

You can assign any letter to a drive as long as long as the letter isn't already in use by a different drive.

To see which drive letters are in use
  • Open Computer by clicking the Start button Posted Image, and then clicking Computer.

    Posted ImageDrive letters will appear next to the name of each drive.
To change, add, or remove a drive letter
  • Open Computer Management by clicking the Start button Posted Image, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking Computer Management. Posted Image If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  • In the left pane, click Disk Management.

  • Right-click the drive that you want to change, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.

  • Do one of the following:

  • To assign a drive letter if one has not already been assigned, click Add, click the letter that you want to use, and then click OK.

  • To change a drive letter, click Change, click Assign the following drive letter, click the letter that you want to use, and then click OK.

  • To remove a drive letter, click Remove, and then click Yes to confirm that you want to remove it



How To Patch thing In for the Game

Be sure you all the file downloaded as follows



3.Unlock Chara.rar


5.[ Optional ]Xpadder *for those want to play with the GamePad*

6.[ Optional ]*NOTE PAD*keymap for Otomeduis.txt


Step 1.

Extract Otomedius that come with Two parts inside you see a Bin folder and take the Bin Folder and put it in your Flash Drive

Step 2.

Extract gamestone's_otomedius_ac_english_translation_v0.5

inside its carry a data folder take *Data* move and replace it


Step 3.

Extract Unlock Chara.rar and inside you will see a EXE called > otomedius_unlimited.exe < just put it inside the Bin folder



How To Play the Game

1.Launch the > bms_GGG.exe < once its open and leave it ALONE

2.Then Launch > otomedius_unlimited.exe <



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GREAT POST YUYU!!, for those of you having a problem with the game running to fast, two optional fix that I have found is some how changing the Directx#.dll that the game uses with a custom one, or the easier but still difficult option of finding a third party software such as Precision X that limits the fps for more DirectX games. Link provided below


Precision X:

http://www.evga.com/precision/ - Original Site

http://www.techspot.com/downloads/5348-evga-precision-x.html - Alternative Download Site

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