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Mr. Infinite's CvS-EX-Style (Pots-ish) Characters for WinMugen!


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As most of you know, Mr. Infinite, the same guy responsible for countless custom edits to characters we all know and love, has recently been creating his own characters from the ground up!  His characters are from a wide array of media appearences such as comicbook heros, capcom and snk warriors, to even Cloud from Final Fantasy!  They're all pretty well built and balanced, they follow suit to the older "Pots" style of coding (Ex moves, Power-charge, Excell-combo, Chain-Combos, Color-separation, etc.) and have been finding their way into many rosters everywhere!  As of the relase of Deadpool he went 1.0 exclusive, but I have a treat for you WinMugenites!  Here are his first eight characters in their WinMugen forms!  There many be some tiny bugs here and there as they can't be the most updated versions of the characters, but they're pretty damn good!  I myself have finally made the jump, but I figured I'd show my WinMugen brothers some love!




El Stingray


From: Saturday Night Slammers


Posted Image


B. Jenet


From: Garou:  Mark of the Wolves


Posted Image


Billy Kane


From:  Real Bout: Fatal Fury!


Posted Image


Wolfgang Krauser


From:  Real Bout:  Fatal Fury 2!


Posted Image




From:  Street Fighter IV


Posted Image


Cloud Strife


From:  Final Fantasy


Posted Image




From:  The X-Men


Posted Image




From:  Marvel vs. Capcom 3


Posted Image




As I stated above all of these characters are not their most up-to-date versions, Deadpool has his old idle stance and walk animation, and Billy Kane doesn't have color-separation yet, but here they are folks!  Enjoy!


Download:  http://www.4shared.com/zip/X9YVTlhc/Infinites_WinMugen_Characters.html

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