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Doomsday V2


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Well, this is Doomsday by Ax, edited by Gargantham & myself... we adapted many moves from the old Doomsday by Lord Sinestro into Ax's creation, without (normally) bugs. We also added new intros, new winposes & an arcade intro.
The char is both for winmugen & mugen 1.0. However, the AI patch called "doomsdayAI.cmd" is for 1.0 only, except if you replace all the "AIlevel>0" by "var(59)=1" in the command file. So basicaly, if you want to use that patch, you must to specify in the .def file "mugenversion = 1.0". More details & all the credits are in the readme file.

video :


Posted Image

Posted Image

link =


2ndlink = http://www.mediafire.com/?1yg05s5dnr34u4k
Comments are welcome, enjoy :)

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