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[GBA] Rayman 3 is koorcelt - Ubisoft (Yes, I did that on purpose)


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I'm sure we all know what Rayman is, there's Rayman games consoles and handhelds also. So in 2003, Ubisoft thought Rayman x2 = $ x2. So they made Rayman 3 for consoles... And GBA... Story: Just combine Rayman 2 with Rayman 3... There's the story...Don't over think it... Gameplay: Hard as a...nm... I'm stuck...on the second level on World 2... Fun Level: Fun, addictive, classic Rayman Final Note: 9/10 Take Rayman 1's platforming, with Rayman 2 and 3 characters, and you got this game... I love it... It's just difficult, and in a cheap way too...

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I remember playing this a while back truth be told this game feels like it was meant to be a 2-d version of the second game and not the third a lot enemies,themes, characters, and gameplay mechanics are much closer to 2's then the console versions of 3.  I feel they only changed some things around to call it Rayman 3 just to make it more marketable really.

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