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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Special: God Ken released by SolidZone 26

Lord Batros

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Today, I will like to officially announce my project I have been working on back in 2012. This is my Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Special: God Ken. This character is an edit of DCL's MvC2 Angel Ken. Originally, this edit was done similar to my Master Ryu (MvC-EoH with CvS2 hitsparks). Later in 2013, I found some different effects and sprites to use after getting back into M.U.G.E.N again. So I decided to make him different to DCL's characters (Hence he's called MvC3S). Here are the differences between mine and DCL's:

-Different hitsparks, effects, and announcer.
-Will not be able to escape grabs.
-Will have a Variable Counter attack (Performed while being hit with B, DB, D, P).
-All my characters will have custom portraits with the use of Hoshi's tutorials.
-Crouching strong punch will have a unique hitspark to launch the opponent into the air.
-Will not be source accurate.
-I will consider making characters in this style from neither Marvel nor Capcom.
My Master Ryu has also received this treatment as well. Although he is still going to be private, God Ken won't be. Big special thanks to shulbocka for the God Ken portraits and DCL for beta testing. I also edited DCL's template to this style as well. If I get enough feedback from this character, the template will be released so you can make your own characters in the MvC3S style. For now, enjoy.
Note: Be aware that there will be another update to this character. But until I can get the announcer sounds for MvC3 and TvC, it won't be for a while.
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