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(Maxime Edit) Omega_Maxime


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(1st-11th palettes)

Normal Mode (palettes 1-11, you can see he has a fireball helper similar to Will_Of_Prison_Flame.)

Posted Image

(12th palette)

Rainbow Mode/Invincible Mode (12th palette)(This mode is extremely cheap, you've been warned.)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image



Here (if is updated i'll add a new link)



One powerful character, as far as I've tested this character is able to take down characters like A-Bomb or G-Mizuchi through it cannot beat Omega Tom Hanks or related character (This character uses OTH as the base, so thats my guess why he cannot be beaten.), if you select this character in 12p his whole moveset becomes OHKO moves. making him even more cheap. I suggest using a really powerful character if you want to bring this 'omega' character down.



According to the README, it states this was originally a joke character by the author's friend who left it unfinished. It stated the character was given to him by that friend to edit it into something more then an Omega Tom Hanks spriteswap.

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