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AI patch for Wolvenom & Quicksilver


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I made some times ago an AI patch for Wolvenom by Darktalbain & Quicksilver by Zvitor. Here is a vid to see them in action:

Both patches are for mugen 1.0, if you're on winmugen you should replace in CMD file all the "AILevel>0" by "var(59) = 1" link for Wolvenom patch = http://www.mediafire.com/download/sqdq6xb154bqnom link for  Quicksilver patch = http://www.mediafire.com/?obkj6n4367fbb3o credits to: -Dark Talbain, Cray & Zvitor for the original creation chars; -Sander71113 for his wolverine creation char; -Kong, Supermystery & The Pacifist for some codes; -Elecbyte for mugen. Comments are welcome, & Enjoy  ;)
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