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[JJBA edit] Mushikui and Ratt


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My personnal update of Torimochi's "Ratt", but his true name is "Mushikui" which mean "bug eater". As many characters from the JJBA franchise Mushikui is a stand user, his is named "Ratt" and consist in a mechanical wired darts shooter device which can melt any living organism its hit. In mugen any shoot use a bit from the power gauge but the more you hit a opponent with the stand active the more he will take damages from the darts.


Changes from the previous "Ratt" : 


-Now he has ratt sounds (if get hit, stand activation, taunt...). As Iggy emit dog sounds and Mushikui has no dialogue in the manga we can safely deduce its lore friendly.

-He is brown as a field ratt I guess

-He has custom ports to match with his new fur


He lacks supers however from a tactical point of view he can be devastating as a tiny and rather strong character to play with good precision.


The link : https://mega.co.nz/#!nR1QARza!T7mFDGO6lyoX47BgsBMEl277RO1W1mhaBgQAppZKqvU



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