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[Melty Blood Edit] Aoko Aozaki (God Aoko)


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Not much to say this is my original first edit of a character all i did was add in "Regen health" "Modified some hit boxes" "Changed stats such as Health defence attack ect ect"


This is a BETA edit i am not finished with her i am far from it this is just a start towards getting used to coding and such

Any bugs/advice is greatly appreciated


Be as harsh as possible i need negative feedback to fix what's broken


She's a moderate tier character she can beat most god characters due to legendary Regen health i added in her stats for attack make her a very hard hitter can drop most characters in 1 shot depending on "Original/Edit" Anything that can 999 hit can drop her or high tier characters such as "God Donald" "Rare Akuma" Ect ect  Again this is my place to put her in BETA form please let me know what you think and leave any and all feedback


:ilied: Feedgusta

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