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Sophitia updated 6/9/13 By C.R.O.M - CVS artist

Lord Batros

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i updated taki i made a major update for sophitia but i still have to add and fix this thing and she will be finished a regular update for the fans here i have to fix now and add

-hyper super move
-fix throw
-red hit boxes and blue
-have to add move list
added fixed
-missing sprites for attacks and the missing ones make other attacks better in animation
-new move angel strike it funny how it looks sword in half in animation but it works i have to get enemy to stand getting hit not in air while get hit command: F, B a b or c ex version 3 of a b c pressing F, B a+b+c
-impaling strike ex version fixed
-chain combos added to stand attacks
-super move fixed and its better and dont look like kfm super move 



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