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Hellstorm aka. Pyron's Stage

T. Vinceson

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Er... My, first attempt at Stage editing--- By utilizing color/hue re-adjustment to make this stage least has resemblance color-wise to Pyron's original color schemed stage from Darkstalkers compared to the blue hued re-colored version that he had in Vampire Hunter.


This is an edit made from the late JC/Juan Carlos' (God bless him and RIP.) Vampire Hunter version. Also I made this since I can no longer find the Darkstalkers version anywhere online made by Team Weapon-X.


You may kindly DL this edited stage here.


Thanks and feel free to report back anything wrong like glitches.


Note: This stage is LR and compatible for WinMugen.

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At least we have a resemblance to the original now. The original by Team Weapon-X has been offline for a while now so I think many will be happy to get this version, even if it's not 100% accurate. By the way, I have a copy of Team Weapon-X's version if you would like to have it.

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