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KOF-ish Wolfgang Krauser (Abuhachi mod)


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lol, download



A crappy WIP that I never finished because it's actually pretty much done other than not having AI (because I ripped it out).


X  Light Punch
A  Light Kick
Y  Hard Punch
B  Hard Kick
Z,Y+B  Body Blow
C,X+A  Roll
C+Z  Charge

Kaiser Wave (DM)  f,hcf + P
Deadly Rave (SDM)  qcf,hcb + KK
Gigatec Cyclone (SDM)  hcb,hcb + PP

High Blitz Ball      qcb + P
Low Blitz Ball      qcb + K
Leg Tomahawk      qcf + K
Phoenix Thrust (counter)  qcf + P
Scum Gale (grab)    hcb,f + LP
To the Moon Blow (grab)    hcb,f + HP
Kaiser Claw (aa grab)    dp + P
Rapid Punches      LP*
Elbow Drop      d+HP, when opponent downed

Two Palm Thrust      f+LP

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