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My Rugal Ending


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My fourth ending release.  This time, it's KOF's boss Rugal. 


I toyed with the idea that Rugal would be a wanted criminal considering how in the KOF 94 cut scene before you fight Rugal you get the sense he's an illegal arms dealer on top of other criminal activities. 

With that in mind I began to put this one together.  So who'd be bad enough to bring him down? Then it hit me.  Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.






Let's have a little fun.  A little contest if you will.  Being that someone said it was a little "cheesy" of what music I used on the previous Dizzy ending, let's do this:  If you can name the music i used for this ending, I'll put the two endings I'm working on hold right now and do an ending of your choice with whatever character and you tell me what you want to see.  You'll be racing against MFG and IMT, whoever gets it first here or on those sites, wins.  Any takers?

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I believe I do, carpa, the other endings he's made are here on the site, just look for them. Each of his four endings are for: Rugal (as seen here), Dizzy from Guilty Gear, Aino Heart from Arcana Heart, and Thanos from the Marvel universe. just search for GuyZero's posts, and you'll easily find them. 

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