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Thanos Intro and Ending done by me.


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So, I'd mentioned over at MFG that I learned on my own without videos on how to make intros and ending for characters.  No internet when I was learning how to do intros and endings.


This one was the first ones I'd ever done.  Works best if you have Thanos as your last boss. 


Here's link:



It was after these I began to think to myself, this is mugen we should be seeing characters who would otherwise never meet,  appear or interact with one another.  So began to learn how to use photoshop on my own to make that happen. Got better with it as I made more of them. (Why is it so God Damn hard to find decent scans of KOF mangas?  Seriously.)


So I'd made bigger endings and thus bigger file size.  So if you don't mind an ending that's 11 MB to 68 MB I'll release em if you guys want them.  Also, since I have Thanos in my mugen as the final boss, he's mentioned or shown.  Currently trying different methods as well.


So let me hear what you think.



Like that time Nick Fury met Rugal...

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