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WereGarurumon by the Great Matsutzu edited by me


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WereGarurumon by the Great Matsutzu was the very first MUGEN character I ever downloaded when I started playing the game. When I was displaced by Hurricane Sandy, I took the time spent over at my grandmother's and managed to mix him with Marvel Vs Capcom 2 elements and after a few releases... this is the current release I have here


Version 1.8 Download link: 



YouTube Video:


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Character updated to V1.8.


Changes that I forgot to put in the README file:


-Has a dizzy system implemented so dealing enough hits, especially heavy ones will stun him. If you're playing as this WereGarurumon and become stunned from the dizzy system, you can't snap out till you press any of the punch or kick buttons 11 times.


-Has a Lv 3 Hyper called Deadly Garuru Beatdown. This attack can only be avoided by jumping over him or parried. When successful, he CANNOT be hit and the target will be given serious damage and he finishes with a Smash Kung Fu Upper, dealing up to and hopefully no more than 750 points in total. The command may be a bit tough but change it the way you want to be if you'd like.


Current commands for the hyper:


D,B,F, y+b





-Has a Burned animation so if he's in a custom burned state, his burn animation will be shown.


This might be the last update because I think I'm out of any more ideas...

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