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R-Kyo by R.B, Re-edited by Hellfire997


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Posted Image

Posted Image


Remaked by me http://www.4shared.com/zip/DhV0XPmP/R_kyo_Re-edited_by_Hellfire997.html
Origin of R.B http://www.4shared.com/zip/f7-pzBdd/r_kyo_-_original.html




This is another version of Kyo made by R.B

In original. Kyo jacket is Red and blue fire

The remaked of me just the same

- I just change jacket color to white at palette 1 and not change for other palettes yet

- Voice: I has changed to '98 voice almost completely and not done yet :)

and can't change the flame color (I'm not good in this)

I hope someone will add "UM effect"  and redone this char. Cause I love UM effect (y)

Thank you :)



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