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NGBC 35 Hi-Res Rendered Portraits


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Here are some portraits that are rendered there are some missing characters like Fuuma Iori but I will get into that but for now enjoy :)
01- Asura
02- Athena
03- Billy [Edited]
04- Chonrei
05- Chonshu
06- Gai [Edited]
07- Geese
08- Genjyuro
09- Goenitz
10- Hanzo
11- Haohmaru
12- Hotaru
13- K
14- Kaede
15- Kim
16- Sarah Westfeild
17- Kyo
18- Lee
19- Mai
20- Marco
21- Mars
22- Mizuchi
23- Moriya
24- Mr.Big
25- Nakoruru
27- Rock Howard
28- Ryu-Hoshi [Edited]
29- Ryo Sakazaki (Mr.Karate 2nd)
30- Shermie
31- Shiki
32- Shishioh
33- Terry [Wild Wolf]
34- Tung
35- Yuki
Missing chars will be updated
Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5nmxk8

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
More portraits collection will be added to the list so if anyone can help me making portraits please let me know.

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