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Khriz Thedge edition

Ash Awaken


Hi there, i like much original/edit chars on mugen, i apreciate these jobs , and i cannot find anywhere, the thedge version of Khriz, all the links are broken or go to a strange website and i cannot download , if someone have this char uploaded in mediafire or 4shared i will be very gratefull...


 He has 2 system of battle one with bloody "wind" atacks and other with bloody flames...

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Man.... Really thanks... Hahahaha this is the char... I cant find it you help me a lot

It has SIX  Khriz :

-Khriz- Zelgadis

-Khriz-Kalumon & Yaten & Thedge

-Shin Khriz1 -Unknown

-Shin Khriz2 -Unknown

-Dark Khriz-Dark Khriz (That i made the portrait)

-And Khriz Thedge version.... Thanks a lot for this one man... I will enjoy be sure of this!

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