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Profile avatar issue fixed FULLY ×

God Rugal by Jin edited by Noel, Opirius.


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Muy bueno cruz. Gracias por aportar.



Trato de ayudar en NEWS y en el "WHEREHOUSE" =D

La verdad me lo encontre de pura casualidad y como no lo habia visto aqui antes lo puse.



Opirus? Ugly.

I can´t really say that because i don´t play Kof games or use Kof Chars.

You are welcome to post a more detailed opinion and if is recommended or not for players, EBU.

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The chars of Opirus apparently do not like. Cheaps.These are edits of Memorial.Do not know if this is also.But someone liked the edit. :P



PD: The only thing that I would stay are the Sprites :B

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