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KOF 94 - Special remix of Brazil theme


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Yeah, my first release here. Was released before over at MFG, but was DL has been removed.

Almost everyone I meet who likes KOF has never heard of the song that more than likely inspired the KOF 94 Brazil theme.

I'm sure that SNK based the theme of Brazil off of Faith No More's Surpise You're Dead. Similar to guitar riff, bass line, etc. So it seemed natural to combine them both. For you listening pleasure.:

That sounds like something that would play while the Ikari Squad kicks someone's ass


I fixed the start of it for the DL. Come on, comment people. I'm sure there's people here who play KOF that might not have heard this song before.

Edit: Can't embed video, what the hell am I missing? Can someone give me a hand?

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