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  2. I need help with something

    I am making a screenpack but I have the problem that the large portraits for the selection of characters, When I index the images that use shadows, the shadow is replaced by a flat color, what do I do?

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    2. Martinpank


      Do I need to have the image in 24 bits in photoshop so that when indexing it the shadows are maintained?

    3. Dissidia


      Indexing will not save shadows. You're going to have to use MUGEN 1.1 and save them unindexed in order to keep the shadows.

    4. Martinpank


      I've tried but doing it the color palettes go to hell

  3. Hi!
    I just created an account on this page and it is to ask for help or advice to create my own mugen.

    Some time ago I started creating my first screenpack as I found it interesting, and little by little I realized that I could put bosses, custom dialogs and other things to make this mugen as original as possible, I wanted to ask you if you could give me some advice or character links with the JUS style to add, since that's the subject of my mugen.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Buenas!


    Me acabo de crear una cuenta en esta pagina y es para poder pedir ayuda o algunos consejos para poder crear mi propio mugen


    Hace un tiempo empecé a crear mi primer screenpack ya que me pareció interesante, y poco a poco fui dándome cuenta de que podía poner jefes, diálogos personalizados y otras cosas para hacer este mugen lo mas original posible, quería pedirles si podían darme algunos consejos o links de chars con el estilo JUS para agregar ya que esa es la temática de mi mugen.


    Gracias de antemano 

    1. Noside


      En este foro se usa el Ingles, se recomienda que uses un traductor o la mayoria no entenderá lo que pides.

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