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  1. Sorry guys i was in a hospital for a week cause of my depression almost killed myself last night but im back

    1. Genderless Child

      Genderless Child

      That's good. I'm having a moments like this too. But when there's a friend or my parents around, i always talk to them and that solves most of the them always out. Take care.

  2. I found Eight Marbles 2 Lifebar on mugen archive by Juu-bei7 can't link it thou 😅

    1. Dissidia


      They're just your average Fighter Maker 2nd lifebars.

  3. Hmm i could make rika or nanaru from the 8 marbles game but its a little hard for me since its my first time making a character

  4. Sigh i'm still sad it should've been me not her she was my good friend.. i'm gonna try to make a 8 marble character but its gonna be awhile

    1. 087-B


      Life goes on my man, loss can be really hard but finding a way to push forward is a sign of true strength. If making a character is your way of dealing with the pain, and/or paying tribute, then go for it. Take all the time you need and put all the emotion you can into it.


      Again, I'm really sorry for your loss, but even though we don't know each other I'm proud to see you carrying on. Do it for her, man. Make her proud. ❤️

    2. HoobaDooba213


      Doing my best not to be depressed all day

  5. I can't believe i lost my good friend she passed away last night R.i.P my good friend i'll see you in heaven🙏


    1. 087-B


      Jeez... I'm really, really sorry for your loss. Please take care, you have my condolences.


      Stay safe out there, ok? ❤️

  6. Time goes so fast R.I.P to the people that died in 2020 🙏

    1. Genderless Child

      Genderless Child

      RIP for all those people in the world.

  7. I honestly don't know what character to make i can try one of the characters from 8 marbles but its gonna take awhile cause im still new here

  8. Heh i forgot about this game 8 marbles 2x too bad nobody is creating any characters anymore
  9. Im new here 


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