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  1. Ah, so it was that... The thing is, the .def says the MUGEN version is "04,14,2002", I thought they might be too old. Thanks for the quick answer!
  2. Hi, I'm new to MUGEN and I've installed some BlazBlue characters, but MUGEN thorws this error, which is not very verbose: Error message: Can't load Ragna.sff Error loading chars/Blazblue/RAGNA/Ragna.def Error loading p1 I've had the same error with some characters (Ragna: by Devilpp [CS] , Noel: by Devilpp [BBCS] and Nu 13: by Neat Unsou [BBCT] , which I got from the blazblue collection in this same site). I've looked it up on Google, but I havent managed to solve anything. The thing is this only happens sometimes: sometimes the characters will load, ot
  3. Hi, What does custom mean? As a general rule, should custom, collection or no asterisk characters be preferred?
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