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09/25/21: Changes to our site rules (MUST READ)

This announcement is no longer active


Hello Mugen Free For All!


After much deliberation amongst our staff, we have made some changes to our site guidelines, including updating certain rules and making clarifications to others. It is strongly recommended that you read them here before continuing to use the site to ensure compliance. We know it's a lot to take in, so for your convenience here is an outline of most of the changes to our rules:


  • Section 1.2 ~ Avatar & Cover Photo: Added clarification as to what kind of images are and are not allowed for your forum profile and avatar pictures.
  • Section 1.3 ~ Signature: Same as the above.
  • Section 2.4 ~ Spamming, Shit Posting & Flame Baiting: We've made it much more clear as to what constitutes as spam, which now includes self-deletion of your own spam posts in order to avoid accountability.
  • Section 3.3 ~ Necro-Bumping: We've reduced the amount of time from 60 days to 30 days.
  • Section 3.4 ~ Porn: With the exception of Mugen content, porn, sexually explicit and/or implicit images, and artistic nudity is no longer allowed on the forum. Any Mugen content that contains such must now be clearly labelled as such and placed in spoiler tags. In addition, anything depicting the nudity or sexualization of anything that resembles someone visibly underage, including Mugen content, is no longer allowed. We don't care if she's a 495-year old vampire; if she looks underage, she's underage.
  • Section 3.5 ~ Copyright Infringing Content: We've renamed the section from Warez, Hacks, & Roms to cover a much broader category of illegal content. This includes full movies, commercially available music, and the like.


We understand that some users may currently be in violation of Sections 1.2 and 1.3, so we're giving everyone a grace period of one week from today to ensure that your account is within compliance of these new rules. As always, these rules apply to both our forums and our Discord server.

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