D.B.S Revive

D-B-S Revive's Pals[Requests Re-accepted]

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Max of 3 chars per individual

No more than 10 palettes per char 

Limit 1 extra person per an individuals request

Max of 2 requests at once



Lets start w/ BigBangBeat Chars

Rouga Zanma
561314iqae6fq5.gif  561632edftdg0j.gif rouga5_zps2de8da36.gif?t=1395166559

Kunagi Tenrou
kunagi2_zps12dc95ad.gif?t=1395167015 kunagi3_zpsde64c1da.gif?t=1395167027 kunagi1_zpsccc1e2e5.gif?t=1395167004

Burai Yamamoto
burai1_zps96f9e2e3.gif?t=1395166748 burai2_zpsb95564b2.gif?t=1395166792 burai4_zps0a0cd326.gif?t=1395166818 burai3_zps4537a480.gif?t=1395166800

Daigo Hotta
d1_zps6ca4dd93.gif?t=1395167160 d2_zpsccfc54a7.gif?t=1395167160 d4_zpsf97016bd.gif?t=1395167160 d5_zps6f7fa1c6.gif?t=1395167161 d6_zps1af2c5e5.gif?t=1395167162 d10_zpsac50181b.gif?t=1395167158 d9_zpsb1cf62f1.gif?t=1395167164d8_zps098cd2dd.gif?t=1395167163d3_zpsd7bf8af6.gif?t=1395167159

Rouga 1-Navy Blaze
Rouga 3-Monotonous
Rouga 4-Bright Streak

Kunagi 1-Dark Blonde
Kunagi 2-Morrigan-esque
Kunagi 3-Neon Blue

Burai 1-B W B
Burai 2-Type ReViVe
Burai 3-Indigo Revenger Type B
Burai 4-Jamaican

Daigo 1-ReVamped
Daigo 2-R.E.D Proficiency
Daigo 3-Type S
Daigo 4-White Blaze
Daigo 5-Undead Regeneration
Daigo 6-Silver Ember
Daigo 7-Indigo Revenger Type D1
Daigo 8-Halloween Madness
Daigo 9-Dragon Syndrome

If you want any of them just ask me
& I do requests too,Just ask & give me the char.

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Posted Image let me guess Avatar? lol ........seriously nice work .........also really digging the CM punk ones also

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Sasuke by descolor

1-Azure Shine
2-Blue Warrior
3-Dark Awakening
4-Midnight Quicksilver
5-Deep Sea Demon
7-Spinach Green-Kidney Bean

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Yo DBS, ya think you could hook me up with some palettes for Wyldestar and Bloodtide by SeanAlty, plus some for Scorpion and Sub-Zero by Gary Fisher?

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Sub's link is busted & thanks Danny I'll post the link to the Sasuke pals w/ Sasuke but the Daigo ones are mine alone

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