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[ The article submissions thread is here for members to post random content they've 

created for publishing in the Weekly News. ]  

The staff keeps an eye on this thread for things they want to publish.  You can submit pretty much anything you want.  There aren't any hard fast rules or formats, just try to include a title, and give credit where it's due.  If you're looking for ideas, here's a list list of suggestions:

~ Character Review ~

Pick your favorite Mugen character, and write a review of them!  How do they play, what do you like about them, what strategies do you use against various opponent types, any bugs glitches, fair / unfair, who coded them, anything else you'd like to see added?

~ Stage / Life Bars / WIP / etc Review -

Same as the character review, just apply it to whatever other content you like.

~ Release Article ~

If you're planning a release soon, you could write up a release article to go with it and submit it

on the Content Submissions board.

~ Coding Tip ~

If you've found some nice work around, or an elegant way to code a particular feature, or if you

just have some bit of coding you find particularly useful, we would love to see it.

~ Funnies ~

Found some funny ass gifs?  There is a funnies submission thread just for this. 

Post them there, and see if they get in. 

~ Strategy Guide ~ 

You could make a strategy guide for a certain character, or a certain group of characters.  e.g.  Batman by Alucard,  Metal Slug vs Normal Sized Chars, Zoners vs Grapplers etc.  

~ Text Interviews ~

Feel like interviewing your favorite creator?  Hassle them ruthlessly until they agree, then change their words around and compile what you wanted them to say into an interview and submit it to the news staff for publishing lol!

~ Video Interviews ~ 

Yup, those are possible too.


~ Discussion Article ~ 

Some types of threads are better broadcast than others, so try to be tasteful here.  But something like a fantasy role play thread where you might want to draw attention might be worth writing up a short article about with a link included.


~ Series -

Consider becoming a regular contributor, either periodically or over the course of a planned series of weekly contributions.  For examples, a 4 week series of strategy guides for characters in a single game, or a series of comics your made, or a regular column.

~New Ideas -

Let us know if you have an idea for a new suggestion to add to this list!



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by RobotMonkeyHead

RMH ~  So Poorbastard you've been into mugen for how long now?

PoorBastard ~  Let's see I got into mugen about 134 years ago, I think.


RMH ~  Wow that's so interesting, well I guess this concludes our interview, bye!

PoorBastard ~ But wait, what?


RMH ~  I was just asking your non-existent ass a question to demo an article in a far away place called reality. 


PoorBastard ~ What the fuck is reality?  Is that like the internet or something?


RMH ~  Close, except people actually can punch you for talking shit.


PoorBastard ~ Damn, that sounds shitty.  I hear the graphics are decent tho.


RMH ~  Yea 3d roaming open world.  Limited gameplay, but you choose the storyline.  So what kind of stuff do you make for mugen?


PoorBastard ~ Oh you know, I exploit all 60 available variables to map coordinates in 3d space to produce my own wire frames that I map textures onto using angled and scaled explods.  Basic shit.


RMH ~  Sounds fun.  You should up your trig tho.  Shit sounds like a speed drain if done improperly. 

PoorBastard ~ Yea well you know, just condense the math down to a basic rotation sub-routine that a helper modifies on the fly, x = sin y * cos z.   y = cos z * sin x bla bla bla bla


RMH ~  Oh my, that's lovely.  Let's be done here.  Again.  Bye. 


PoorBastard ~ K.  Later on.  Have fun in 'reality'.


RMH ~  Yea, thanks.  Have fun never knowing what a job is.


PoorBastard ~ Job?


RMH ~  Yea, that's where you get all the energy sucked out of you and turned into green paper that you have to give back to reality so it'll let you do what you want for a minute.  Never mind.


PoorBastard ~ Dude, you got issues.


RMH ~  Na, that's called a 9 to 5.  We do have a support group tho that meets at the bar on weekends.  I never go.  Ok, this has gone on Way to long.  Over and out.


PoorBastard ~ True story.  Peace.




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