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The basis for creating your Sodom you used a version of Varo_Hades? In his version can be played with a katana and daggers separately!


No I did not use his at all. Nor did I use his color separation either. You can look in the coding and see that i didn't. However I did use Fido's Sodom as a base to work off of to make my own version of Sodom. 


And I'm glad you said "His version" because your exactly right, it's in "His" version. I never had plans on making a Sodom that didn't have the Katanas. that is somethin that Varo decided to do. (Note that Varo used Fido's Sodom's SFF as a base to work off of before he decided to reaarange his sprites and make his own color separation.


While I do know he decided to do so, i chose not to, and clearly in mugen i wasn't the only one that decided not to do both. At the end of the day it's my choice and plus Varo rearranged his sprites and etc so even if I wanted to use his to make one, then i would have to redo all my coding that i put in and adjust alot of things which include the anim file with the collision boxes and etc and I already spent too much time on him as is. 

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