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CVS Spriting Work Shop (CVS Lucia Spriting Now)

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after seeing the wish list for mugen characters i seen someone ask for CVS Lucia so i did not know how i could help but i found this sprite so i decided to use her FF3 sprites resize them and start spriting her

right now im working on her walking sprites

with the sprites i have of her i can edit i can make a cvs sff of basara-kun's lucia


i don't know who sprited this Lucia but they will get credit if i can find who made this

what ever other character i feel like spriting into cvs they will be in this trend

later everyone :P

also i might be able to make a Melty Blood spriting trend soon :P

the sprites are open source to who would like to use them 

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thank you guys if you know who made the sprite tell me and i will give them credit but even if i don't know they still have credit

there will be a sff patch edit of bassara-kun lucia for the number of sprites she will have

she will have more moves for who would like to code her in cvs style

like mr. infinite style, divinewolf, or pots

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hmm pretty cool there


my only opinion on the last post above is the first sprite on her stance looks ok but after that her ankles look broken on the left leg compared to the very first one. even the left arm. other than that its a very strong effort though. keep working at it


looks like it could be a cool character in the end though

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