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  1. Astro boy coming soon... I wish i could finish it faster

  2. Hey guys need help i will make you experience a new 52 wonder woman but i need someone a freind that will help me with works i desire i need someone who can make intros and endings but dont worry the character is already finished just want intros and ending right now im getting ready for the rebirth wonder woman and i justice wonder woman, ill be sharing new 52wonder woman here. With the credits of other creators that helped me achived it ,loganirs, zvitor and shun(me) dont worry loganirs sprite is edited so it has new face new moves as well oh btw i also have a golden age wonder woman with edited features

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    2. Pluscross


      ...I prefer simple platformer characters... And Mugen OCs.

    3. shun shun shun

      shun shun shun


      okay looks like the creation is not liked here i guess ill just keep it to myself then hehe ? thanks for the info guys

    4. shun shun shun

      shun shun shun

      I have one oc based on the comic im writting hes name is major man i built hes origin and get inspired making him as a char but still in progress ???

  3. awww to sad theres no mediafire version of Shasam19's screenpack 4shared is not loading directly like the past days its it keeps loading and not reaching the part wwere i have to click the countdown to download, need help here
  4. w8 should i put the value under [state 0] type = VictoryQuote trigger1 = p2name = "Wonderwoman" "here" cause when i copy this code and put it value = 5 is not highlighted
  5. how to put victory qoutes against your rival after winning i have a problem i want wonder woman to say something against her after winning
  6. thnk you , but i think ill just have to send it to anyone who wants it privately
  7. i do change clns and i will honestly give credits to Erradicator and Loganir for example earth quake the earth quake i edit it and make the ground shake fully unlike its old version, you have to wait til the rock hits so is it ..... ok?
  8. so i Found this Old Wonder Woman and im trying to swap it with wonder girls sprite and is it fine if i just simply add the real authors name when i finished her? or is it really bad tp sprite swap cause if it is bad then i will just keep it to myself
  9. umm i was wondering where to find some snes wonder woman sprite or snes wonder woman character
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