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  1. My newest ZC LP! Hope you all enjoy! Part 1
  2. TK's Mugen Sat Slamfest Bonus Ep #8

    Bonus Ep 8! Enjoy!
  3. TK's NXT Mugen Sunday Slamboree Ep 23

    Ep 23! Enjoy all! :3
  4. Anime characters I would love to see made in Mugen: Aoba Kozue (Mahoraba) Feldrance (Mahoromatic) Tou Ryuga (Mahoromatic) Harima Kenji (School Rumble) Tenma Tsukamoto (School Rumble) Fuuka Reventon (Vivid Strike) Rinne Berlinetta (Vivid Strike) Lala Deviluke (To-Love Ru) Golden Darkness (To-Love Ru)
  5. TK's Mugen Sat Slamfest Ep 80

    Ep 80 is here!
  6. My newest ZC LP! Enjoy! Part 1
  7. Chrono Trigger

    The AI boosted version I have begs to differ. :P
  8. TK's NXT Mugen Sunday Slamboree Ep 22

    Ep 22 is up!
  9. Chrono Trigger

    I got Frog and Magus downloaded! Plan to have them as an NXT Doubles Team in Season 3. :3 Both have GREAT AI too so they could dominate. Very solid movepools too!
  10. TK's Mugen Sat Slamfest Ep 79

    Ep 79 is up! Enjoy! :3
  11. TK's NXT Mugen Sunday Slamboree Ep 21

    Ep 21!
  12. TK's Mugen Sat Slamfest Ep 78

    Ep 78 is up! Enjoy!
  13. My newest ZC LP! Hope you enjoy! Part 1
  14. TK's Lets Play: Legend of Zelda - Fall Uh De Honky Pig (ZC)

    Final Part
  15. Characters You Wish Were In Mugen

    I'd love to see: Akane Senri (Rewrite) Einhart Stratos (Nanoha) Fuuka Reventon (Vivid Strike) Galacta Knight (Kirby) - I know Dylanius was working on him but dunno if he'll finish it. Hercules (Hercules - Legendary Journeys) - NOT the Marvel one, Kevin Sorbo version! Kenji Harima (School Rumble) Rinne Berlinetta (Vivid Strike) Roman Reigns (WWE) - NOT THAT Zeus clone version either! x.x; Rowdyruff Boys (PPG) - We need better versions of them. lol... Seth Rollins (WWE) Tenma Tsukamoto (School Rumble) Vivio Takamachi (Nanoha) Xena Warrior Princess (Xena)