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  1. Can you do ultraman max by max 

    from baidu to mediafire plz

    thank you 



    pass: xr0n



    1. Kihara Masato

      Kihara Masato

      Sure thing, I didn't notice there was another Ultraman Max available.


      Link's up:

  2. Ultraman Cosmos has been updated and I've reuploaded him to Mediafire in case of Baidu not working again, it is AI Patched by Gainer Ultraman Cosmos - (Baidu link below for reference) ---- Cosmos by pinksheep_X - Pass: q9rr AI Patch by Gainer - Character portrait added, most of the sprites are done better, opening transformation sequence has been changed, supers have been reworked (added Eclipse + BGM when opponent is at half health)
  3. Minatomaru has released Kamen Rider Snipe and V3 (The Next version) Kamen Rider Snipe - Kamen Rider V3 (The Next version) - V3 has limited moves for now, Super moves are there but it's not as flexible as ZX or Snipe yet Snipe has good projectiles, feels almost complete like Minatomaru's ZX
  4. I've reuploaded them to Mediafire for others to be able to download Kamen Rider Kuuga - Kamen Rider Black -假面骑士Black.rar Kuuga feels like a WIP, sprites coloring issue, some of the moves are too powerful. Black on the other hand has sprites edited straight out of Ruina & Azuma's Kuuga, still feels like a WIP too, Rider Punch+Rider Kick combo is buggy