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  1. I don't just watch. I play. And not only do I fight others' mains... ...I also make stories.
  2. Don't bother reading the description if you hate the new Mafia City meme.
  3. Cutting off this snake's head and it barks more than it can bite.
  4. I think this miko took the phrase "immovable as the mountain" way too seriously.
  5. Blue Kirby with shades. What else is new?
  6. Still better than Carol Denvers, I suppose.
  7. Just the Ghost of Christmas Kick Your Ass
  8. The reason why the idiom "castles in the air" goes.
  9. Well, another spotlight from an obscure Capcom character stolen from.
  10. By the time I finished this video, I only found out that Lilith was just updated. Welp.
  11. Aww... look at the adorable kids playing kun- OH MY GAWD THERE'S SHRAPNEL EVERYWHERE
  12. Would be fair to share with the pain of the others, right?