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  1. Thanks for the really kind words guys! I should be the one thanking you and this forum though, without it I wouldn't have had what to animate with to begin with! The authors here do such a fantastic job in creating and editing all sorts of great sprites that give me all sorts of ideas for fights to come.
  2. I used Adobe Animate CC and Adobe After Effects CC to animate these mate!
  3. Hello, I'm an animator who is full of graditute! Hi! My name is Daniel, and I basically do animations in my free time, a lot of which derive from sprites used in Mugen (which you can view here https://www.youtube.com/user/Hyourinjutsu ), mostly crossover fights inbetween characters and mostly Dragonball what-if scenarios using Extreme Butoden sprites for example: I realised this forum is a really great place, as it really made it possible for me to do all there sort of animations, and thought I should join in to say hello and thank you!