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    Juaniquillo's stage edits

    la de metal slug esta chida
  2. gokinero

    Shoto Guile

    his sprites seem guile and ryu fuse
  3. gokinero

    Bird Man - Knights of the Round

    link espired, could anyone upload it again?
  4. gokinero

    I am Gokinero

  5. gokinero

    I am Gokinero

    Good evening for all. My name is Barush, i live in Mexico. I knew Mugen about 10 years ago, I really love making weird battles between Anime and Videogames Characters. I hope be friend of all. By the way, I am creating a Mugen about Mexico and Spain conquer, i will upload a video of my character Quetzacoatl, please make me know if it like you and if you could help me with some sprites stages or characters