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  1. Me and Djhero had our match I won 2-0
  2. Sry for the wait I had alot of visitors during the weekend, but aniway heres the footage for my match against bruce, and the match between bruce and sess Me vs Bruce Bruce vs Sess
  3. Im sorry light but that is no excuse for what happened on saturday. On saturday you got on exactly at 10:30 pm eastern time as soon as you got on the chat I asked you if you wanted to do our match and you said yes saying ''ill be waiting in ggpo''. I get on ggpo you weren't there i wait for you for 15 mins and then i check back on the mffa chat and all you were doing was sharing danbooru pics with bruce and the rest of the guys. I Private message you in the chat more than 5 times checking if you were coming or not, but you didnt reply you were still sharing pics in the chat. as i last resort i try to PM you in the forums but one problem idk if you had it on your privacy settings but i always get ''sorry but this user cant recieve any pms'' I test pming other people in the forum and they get it just fine but when it comes to you I cant message you so how am i suppose to contact you if you wont recieve any of my PM's. Then after 2 hours of trying to get to you while you are still sharing pics in the forum you said you were leaving then i message you one more time saying ''WHAT ABOUT OUR MATCH'' and you say nothing and just leave. Then bruce says I should wait for you on sunday I wait for more than 10 hours till midnight and guess what. You didnt show up either. All you had to do while you were chating with the guys was just take least 5-10 mins of your time to just to have our match but no you just stayed chatting. Im sorry but that is no excuse
  4. ok back up a bit. bruce i was there waiting for my match for days and you know it. Light showed up on saturday I MSGED HIM AND WAIT FOR HIM IN THE ROOM AND HE NEVER SHOWS UP HE JUST STAYED THERE TALKING WITH BRUCE AND THE GUYS AND THEN OUT OF THE BLUE HE LEAVES. and now I GET PUNISHED FOR THAT?!
  5. uhmm bruce im figthing lightflare check the bracket
  6. Uploaded the match of dj and sess also please ignore the ticking sound. Since for some reason fraps recorded the tick sound of the MFFA chat which honestly that has never happened before
  7. il upload sess and dj's match tomorrow kinda busy atm
  8. nope im still waiting for my opponent
  9. uploaded the match as well. DJ vs yuyu
  10. not really i just wanna relive that old spark
  11. I was hoping on fighting alp first but w/e whoever comes first bring it
  12. yes yuyu its me
  13. im in
  14. well i fought in the first tournament so why not it would be fun to spar with the council again. Count me in Legato
  15. hey my desktop is not messy >_>