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  1. This mugen being remade right now so be sure to be ready for it.
  2. I'm well aware of that thank you.
  3. Took care of the mistake.
  4. I made a small mistake with the roster. I am going to take care of it next update.
  5. Updated for now
  6. Yes but I'm still working on it
  7. Hey guys ShawnD93 here and I'm here with Queen of Fighters. This is mainly a 3v3 game, but I also put in both 2v2 and 3v3 patches. Hope you guys like this one. Credits goes to the creators of the respective following: Stages, Characters, Screenpack. Teams: Bosses: Download: Update:
  8. It's a beginner's tool for me. So go easy on me ok.
  9. Hey everyone here is the screenpack for Queen of Fighters. This is Jesuszilla's Mugen Fighting Jam screenpack edited by me. Hope you all enjoy.