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  1. Sailor Moon X English Version

    Sailor Moon Updated with Voice options: Terri Hawkes and Linda Ballantyne. Sailor Moon X With this new Sailor Moon: or Download it individually: I may also do Viz Dub/Sailor Moon Crystal as well.
  2. Sailor Moon X English Version Download: Characters included: All by Poshpsylocke and all Enlgish sounds by me Sailor Moon - includes AI Patch by Blaze102. Sailor Mini (Chibi) Moon - includes AI Patch by Blaze102. Sailor Mercury Sailor Mars Sailor Jupiter - includes Sparkling Wide Pressure Sailor Venus - includes AI Patch by Blaze102. Sailor Uranus - Space Sword Blaster sprite change. Sailor Neptune Sailor Pluto - Palette change for Dead Scream. Sailor Saturn Emerald Rubeus Queen Beryl Zoisite Stages Included Moon Kingdom Crystal Tokyo Pool Deck Hino Temple Tokyo Tower Juuban High Highway Lookout Port Dock Building Site Tokyo Ruins Beryl's Throne Tokyo's Port Future Tokyo Crystal Cluster Tokyo Park Residential Area Dark Alley Dead Moon Circus Pluto's Spot Tokyo North Pole
  3. The Powerpuff Girls

    I mean why not just upload the palettes to the palette section instead of spamming.
  4. My Little Pony

    Done @IDGCaptainRussia do you have the original Littlepip, the link is inactive.
  5. My Little Pony

    This is an updated collection of the original MLP collection, as always tell me what is missing and what links are not working Character Select: Mane Characters Twilight Sparkle ritcher belmont colombia || HedgehogMac || Moku || Moku (MVC3) || Ra lord || RockRage8962 Applejack ritcher belmont colombia || TylertheHedgehog || Ra lord || Dylanius9000 || HedgehogMac || Moku || IDGCaptainRussia Rarity Moku || DarkRuler || HedgehogMac || ritcher belmont colombia Rainbow Dash Buttthenidied || PinguRules || ritcher belmont colombia || PabloSSB || Moku || Ultimate chars || RockRage8962 || SoGGy Fluttershy Dark Ruler || Moku || HedgehogMac || Maud Pie's Edit || The Mega Brony || ritcher belmont colombia Pinkie Pie HedgehogMac || Moku || Tails Clock || ritcher belmont colombia || Kyle108's edit || IDGCaptainRussia Pinkamena smhungary89 || invisibleguy-ponyman Spike Zektard || Mamaluigi339 Scootaloo RGM Character Select: Supporting Characters Princess Luna HedgehogMac || TheMegaBrony || ritcher belmont colombia Princess Celestia TheMegaBrony Princess Cadence Spitfire Sunset Shimmer RGM Spitfire TheMegaBrony Character Select: Background Characters Derpy Hooves Says || AngryNoah || HedgehogMac || ritcher belmont colombia Octavia TheMegaBrony Vynal Scratch TheMegaBrony Character Select: Villains Sonata Dusk SegaStar Trixie Lulamoon RGM || ritcher belmont colombia || Weegee || smhungary89 Lord Tirek TheMegaBrony Queen Chrysalis Dark Ruler || TheMegaBrony Discord cesarsombra Character Select: G1 Fizzy TheMegaBrony Character Select: Fan-Made Characters LittlePip Stable-Tec Studios || IDGCaptainRussia Nightmare Sparkle smhungary89 Zalgojack Crap/Jokes Pinkamena Prince Doopliss Bon Bon Kyle108 Lyra Kyle108 Fluttershy PinkiePie11 || Mipetsserie King Sombra Freddy II
  6. Moon and Saturn updated get them with the Sailor Moon X English Version: Moon X Enlgish V1.1.rar
  7. Poshpsylocke's Sailor Moon Characters English Update I been trying to update these for a long time, but I felt lazy so... CHANGES - Decreased sound volume - Changed Sailor Mercury's aerial attack back - Sync sounds to the right timing - Fixed one of Sailor Jupiter's sprites - Changed some sounds DOWNLOAD SCREENSHOTS With Moon and Chibi Moon of course
  8. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon X English Version:
  9. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

    Updated link again
  10. Update: Sailor Venus - New Sounds for Crescent Beam and Love and Beauty Shock Sailor Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter - Intro/Win Sound Fix
  11. My Little Pony

    Got it
  12. My Little Pony

    Added (I've been really inactive)
  13. MUGEN 4v4 32 Team Tournament

    MUGEN 4v4 32 Team Tournament Pt 1 Team Megaman vs Team Final Fantasy Team Sonic vs Team Megamn X Team Pokemon Tech vs Team DDR Team Resident Evil vs Team Amy Team Silver vs Team Robot Master 2 Team Pokemon Starter vs Team Outer Scouts Team Pokemon Hoenn vs Team X Men Team Avengers vs Team Moku Pony Pt 2 Contestants Team Megabrony Pony Team DBZ Team Kirby Team Primal Rage Team Undertale Team DC Team Smash Bros Team Robot Masters 1 Team Sailor Moon Team Touhou Team Cyberbots Team Kamen Rider Team PPGZ Team Mario Team TMNT Team Street Fighter
  14. OMG I'm so dead

  15. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

    I forgot to update it. Oops here you go - Moon English.rar
  16. Extra Little Mac Palettes

    These are new palettes for chuchoryu's Little Mac Download: Mac Extra
  17. Extra Little Mac Palettes

    Black Pals added
  18. MUGEN 2v2 Mixed Tournament

    Sorry for the lag on some of them
  19. Looks like I'm the only one into Bloons Tower Defense in this community.

    1. Pluscross


      I'm not into strategy/tower defense... Not only that, a guy at school loved it.


      I'll pass.

    2. jenngra505


      I don't play it often but I think it's kinda fun.

  20. Please read the description.