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  1. Fightmare Beta

    Allthough the number of followers you have is nothing compared to Terrordrome fanbase, I still wanted to drop a line. The reason I didnt want my game being ripped off was to avoid seeing a crappy compilation of my work like in your game (you're not the first one and certainly won't be the last since you mugen guy seems to enjoy ripping stuffs no matter what it is rather then anything else) Terrordrome is free and yet people feel the need to take the sprites to redo they ugly version of TRDM, what can I say. Ultimately I wasn't against a true port of TRDM into Mugen engine, but I didn't know how trustful mugen people could be. Overall the mugen community has been pretty respectful regarding my work and the administrator of all well-known site have closed TRDM rippers threads, but once in a while, comes a guy like you and here we are again. OH and and how were you planning to release Pinhead and Herbert if I wasn't to release them in TRDM?