The Monthly Judgement: Creation Reviews


This event repeats every month forever

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Monthly Judgement

Welcome to the first edition of MFFA Monthly Judgment. This is where, every month, we gather a team of members of the community to give their thoughts on some of the month's hottest releases. Each judge gets to select one character for that month, which the entire panel will judge based on 2 main areas: Presentation and Functionality.


  • Presentation: How has the author presented this character? Is this character aesthetically interesting, or does it just appear bland? Judges will rate this out of 5 points.
  • Functionality: The guts of the machine. How well does the character's gameplay mesh together? Was any thought put into how the character plays or did the author just throw moves together and call it a day? Judges will rate this out of 10 points.
  • Notes: This is any additional notes or recommendations that a judge might have for the character, changes that need to be made, etc. No score value given
  • Final Score: This is the final, average score of each judge's review.


Visit the forum here: [ MONTHLY JUDGEMENT ]

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