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Character & Stage of the Year - Voting


Event details

This event began 01/01/2020 and repeats every year forever


Character & Stage of the Year

At the begging of every year MFFA holds voting for the best CotM and SotM released
on the forum the previous year. The winners receives Obsidian C.ot.Y and S.ot.Y Trophies.

 Nominees are all C.ot.M and S.ot.M winners from the previous year. 
 Voting take place between the 1st and the 7th of January.
 On the 8th of January, the winner will be announced!
 The winner will receive a portion of all donations made to the site that year.

Drop by the Special Events forum here to check it out:


* Dates may move slightly due to life.


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