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Dr.Strange (Edited by Mr.Giang)

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Don't mind me, just reuploading my old stuffs.


Character Demonstration:


Differences between the original Doctor Strange and this one:
- MvCI voice.
- Reworked moveset.
- Removed many unnecessary specials.
- Major input changed.
- Now can air-combo properly.
- Flying.
- Reworked so his gameplay can be more similiar to MVC3 version.
- Reworked Spell of Vishanti (old Spell of Vishanti gives Doctor Strange random spells effects and they are all either useless/broken, not fun to play with/agaisnt)
- Reworked Spell Shock into MvC3 Seven Rings of Raggadorr.
- Removed hyper background as they are too ugly and yet resource-costly.
- Air-dash's added.
- Some animations changed.
- Updated Dormammu's sprites.
- Damage-dampen system.
- UNO-tag team's supported.


Tag system:
Start - Partner assist
z+c - Tag in/Tag out
D,DF,F,z+c - Tag Team Hyper


- Recovery Teleport.
- Guard-push.
- Super Jump.
- Air-dash.
- Flying.


X - Weak
Y - Medium
Z - Strong
f.Z - Impact Palm: Cause crumble state to opponents when movehit. Can be used to push Eye of Agamotto.
b.Z - Illusion: Counter move. Doctor Strange will teleport behind opponents if they attacks him with melee attacks.
A - Dash
B - Throw (can be teched by opponents)
C - Launcher: hold Up to super jump if launcher hits.
Reality Crystal (Air C): Cause an 60-frame untechable knockout to opponents during air-combo.
D.U: Super jump
x+y/y+z/z+x while guarding: Guard Push
Hold Fwd/Back while knocked down: Recovery Teleport


Flying (D,DB,B,c)
Bolts of Balthakk (x+y/y+z/x+z) (G): Attack opponents with 2 unscaling beam strike. Can whiff against small characters.
Daggers of Denak (D,DF,F,x/y) (GA): Summon Dagger of Denak to attack opponents at their current position. X version can summon 1 dagger while Y version will summon 3. Y Daggers will disappear if Dr.Strange is hit.
Eyes of Agamotto (D,DF,F,z) (GA): Summon Eyes of Agamotto. The eye can be pushed and homed to opponents by Impact Palm. Can only summon 1 eye at a time.
Mystic Sword (F,DF,F,x/y/z) (G): Strike opponents with Magic Swords. X version is a close ranged, multi-hit attack and Y/Z ver sends a sword toward.
Teleport (B,DB,B,x/y/z) (GA): X/Y/Z version teleports Dr.Strange in front of/behind/above opponents.


D,DF,F,D,DF,F,x/y/z - Spell of Vishanti (LV1): Doctor Strange quickly summons a giant column projectile from the ground beneath the opponent. Can hit OTG.
D,DB,B,D,DB,B,x/y/z - Seven Rings of Raggadorr (LV1): Counter Hyper. Upon hit Strange fires a large beam of energy that will completely nullify the opponent projectile and hit them. Once the beam is activated, Strange will remain invincible for the entire animation, making it completely safe should the beam miss. Can be thrown.
x,x,F,y,z - Into the Unknown (LV3): The classic Shun Goku Satsu. Dr.Strange dashes forward and if move contacts, send opponents into many dimensions only for them to be attacked by many mystical characters from Marvel. Unblockable grab and Dr.Strange is invulnerable during the active frame.

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